BookExpo 2021

BookExpo is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. Known as the “#1 book and author event in America”, BookExpo has rightfully earned its reputation. Equal parts business and pizazz, it’s a place where book retailers, publishers, and some of the most influential storytellers in the world (like screenplay writers and movie producers!) search for fresh material. With the postponement of BookExpo in 2020, attendants are eager to make up for the lost time and discover new authors at the upcoming 2021 Book Expo. This is an opportunity your book does not want to miss–send your book with us this spring!



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Boutique High Top Table with 30 Books

Put your books in a place where a retailer is sure to grab one! Our Boutique High Top Tables are the perfect spot to stop and browse during the show, and this product will strategically place up to 30 copies of your book there to be picked up by attendees.


1 available


These towering signs are placed in the lobby entrance to the show, raising interest about your book before attendees even make it inside! 10 physical copies of your book will also be on display at our booth for buyers to thumb through.


7 available

Custom Billboard

This 28″w x 19″h billboard is accompanied by a display of 15 copies of your book. Our professional designers will create a customized billboard featuring the cover and elements of your book that is sure to capture the eyes of buyers. We even take 5 extra copies of your book to ensure they get restocked!


4 available

Standard Billboard

This is our classic billboard design, featuring the cover of your book and 15 copies of your book placed at our booth.


6 available

Spotlight Banner

This billboard features your book, along with 5 others, on a massive 5′ x 8′ cloth banner. We’ll also have 1 copy of your book at our booth for buyers to flip through while they browse the show.


10 available

Buyer Bags

Here’s one way to literally place your book in the hands of book buyers: placing a copy in each of the complimentary Buyer’s Bags! One copy of your book is placed inside 25 of our exclusive buyer bags, which are handed out at the show. Buyers love these bags to carry their review copies.


Space available

Showcase Book Placement

Simple, no-fuss promotion: one physical copy of your book on display at our booth.


10 available

Digital Billboard Rotation

A digital slide with your book and title will rotate on our 32″ flat-screen TV fifteen times an hour for the entire show. That means your book cover will be seen 300 times!


Space available

Christian Book Buyer’s Guide

Don’t forget about this bookstore favorite! This issue of the Christian Book Buyer’s Guide will be distributed to attendees of the show (in addition to the standard mailing of 10,000 copies to general market and Christian bookstores), and placement is available for everything from front cover spots to 1/4 page ads. Ask your Marketing Specialist about bundling with your trade show promotion to save!

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