Fall Discovery Show 2017


Make an impact with more marketing.

Great author marketing means taking a multi-channeled approach to get your work the exposure it deserves. Incorporate traditional trade show marketing by having your work appear.

Trade Show Products

  • $1299
  • Grandstand Placement

    Custom 28"w x 19"h billboard with copies of your book directly underneath. This "power display" grabs attention! Prospective book buyers get the opportunity to hold a published copy of your book.


  • $799
  • Personalized Billboard

    This 28"w x 19"h billboard is placed a top 10 copies of your book. Our personalized design is sure to compliment your book and garner interest.

    *limited quantities.

  • $599
  • Billboard/Top Rack Placement [Standard]

    Our Billboards are 28"w x 19"h and sit a top one of our standard rack with 5 copies of your book directly beneath.

    **Includes one 1/4 page advertisement of your book in the Christian Book Browser catalog!**

  • $699
  • Wall Banner Ad Space

    2'w x 3'h banner.

  • $599
  • Buyer Gift Bag Promotion

    25 copies of your book inserted into official show bags.

  • $299
  • Showcase Book Placement

    One copy of your book on display at our booth.